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“This is a new song and it’s kind of twisted and I’m sorry but the really sick parts, I’m gonna work that one out. It’s new and you know, I got to figure those out, but you know. Sorry. But it’s about um, it’s sort of like it tells a story where a boy lives in a not so very nice situation and one day either because of his mind or because of… uh his mind creates it happen or it really is happening, but either way little birds start to form around him in his room and then water coming out of the faucet and then they start coming into his body and he is happy about this. Um, but unfortunately he tries to share with other people and they get very upset cause most of… because this is something that he finds to be very beautiful but since they don’t find it to be very beautiful, they want to destroy it, so… And it’s brand new so I’m probably gonna really screw it up. And it’s not finished either so… Okay.”

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